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The Standard Classroom or Real Life Experiences?

The classroom has looked the same since the start of the school system. Attempts have been made to alter the layout and even teaching styles using a range of teaching activities and methods to vary the discovery of knowledge and development of skills. However, as much as some teachers always go above and beyond to challenge the classroom norms, there are many who don’t. This isn’t because they don’t want to but often boils down to not having enough time or training to explore alternative approaches.

It may well be worth running a pilot scheme where schools are able to offer secondary students more freedom of choice in what they study and how they do it. What would or could that even look like? For a start, classes may not be grouped by age or ability but by what students are interested in. It is a well-known fact that when students are engaged and curious about a subject then they want to learn more for themselves and become independent learners. How could schooling change? Is it even feasible? Could any of these career options be presented as lessons in school and off-site learning experiences?

  • Joinery & Product Design

  • Accountancy

  • Marketing

  • Cookery & Culinary Expertise

  • Pottery Design

  • Journalism

  • Mechanics

  • Hair & Beauty

  • Physics for Future Engineers

  • Biology for Future Doctors and Nurses

Imagine a school day that starts in an office on Monday learning how marketing works and then on Tuesday the student gets to learn how to create Italian food. Imagine a school week where every day is a learning experience in the real world… Would this work? Could this work? How would this work? Obviously health and safety will be a high priority and the logistics will need to be well-planned. Once the model for this is established, wouldn’t students get excited about building work, hair dressing, fixing up cars, learning how to save lives in the medical field or even becoming budding journalists?

If you could design a new education system, what would it look like?

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31 mar 2023
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100% - my kids would love it if they could experience different types of jobs!

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