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Education Lifeguards - Online English Tuition

* Fully Qualified Subject Specialist Teachers * Individual Learning Plans * Support for Additional Needs 

Fully Qualified Subject Specialist Teachers


Education Lifeguards offer bespoke one-one lessons and small group lessons with fully qualified teachers.

Individual Learning Plans

Individual Support

Every student is provided with an individualised learning plan that supports them with their needs. 

Support for Additional Needs

Community - English, maths and science lessons

Our teachers are trained in supporting students with additional needs.

What does a free consultation involve?


A free consultation is an opportunity for the student to meet the director and have their learning needs assessed using our prior knowledge assessment documents. Students will also be shown how to use the platform and may discuss any concerns that they may have. Parents or guardians may also ask questions once the student has been assessed.  

Will students be able to learn in a small group?


Our small online group lessons have been very popular with students and parents. Our students progress is assessed each lesson by the teacher and any concerns are passed on to the parent or guardian. Students make good progress in the group lessons and enjoy the opportunity to interact with other students. 

Is everything online? 


Yes, everything is taught online and students are sent a meeting link via email before each lesson. 

Will students be given any homework?

There may be times when students are asked to complete homework to help them make more progress and understand the content in more depth. Teachers are supportive of those students who may find it challenging to complete extra work and will not force anyone to do it. The parent or guardian and student's wishes and circumstances are always a priority. 

If my child has some work they need help with, will they be allowed to do it?


Yes, students are always welcome to ask for support. It is preferable to ask in advance of the lesson so the teacher can be fully prepared. 

I have a complaint, who do I speak to? 

Complaints can be sent to Laura Harrison, the founder and director of Education Lifeguards. 

Homeschooled Students

Homeschool Tutors

Homeschooled students have fun learning!

Secondary Schooled Students

Secondary School Tuition

Secondary school students enjoy our online lessons.

International Secondary Students

International Schools in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Singapore and many more!

Students from international schools love to learn with us. 

Confidence       Knowledge       Skills       Critical Thinking       Independence       Self-esteem

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