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English Lessons for Secondary Students (suitable for GCSE and iGCSE)


This unit contains 18 lessons (1 hour or more depending on the class) and supports students with their understanding of descriptive and narrative writing. There are 125 ppt slides in this document and hyperlinked worksheets throughout. 


It focuses on reading and writing skills using speaking and listening as a mechanism for fruitful discussions. There is a range of independent, paired and group activities in the unit (as the teacher, you can group/pair the students into differentiated teams). It also includes hyperlinks on the slides and in the notes below the slides to work sheets that support/challenge students. Each lesson has a clear objective and outcomes that are supported through use of AFL strategies. These lessons would suit students from year 9 and above in preparation for GCSE or iGCSE exams and/or coursework. 

Descriptive and Narrative Writing Lessons

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