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Education is Changing at a Rapid Rate!

Since the pandemic started, education has changed dramatically. Students, schools, universities and education providers were forced to educate online all over the world. Granted, some did it better than others and some found it very challenging as parents tried to balance work with supporting their children and their education.

The landscape of education has altered in a way that now allows parents access to a range of educational support all over the world. This is a positive change that now allows fully qualified teachers to offer their services to support students with their educational needs, regardless of their physical location. However, it can also pose a challenge as parents, schools and educators now have so much choice that finding the best tuition for their child can be rather time consuming.

Another major change is the introduction of AI, which could be used as a tool to challenge and support students with their learning. What are your thoughts on this? Do you think AI would benefit the students’ learning experience? Might the use of AI also prove harmful as human beings become less involved in the process of learning? How do you think AI can be utilised to support students all over the world?


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