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Education Lifeguards is proud to have fully qualified and experienced teachers who LOVE what they do! Your child will be given the confidence and taught the skills that they need to reach out and be successful. 


Inspiring, learning and teaching is what we do best! The whole person is supported so you or your child can develop key skills that will allow for personal and academic growth. Education Lifeguards is a metaphor for supporting people with their dreams. Too many people have low confidence, high anxiety and lack self-belief. Does this sound familiar? We believe that EVERYONE should feel confident and valued in society. We really believe that anyone can achieve anything if they are given the right tools and advice so they can believe in their own ability to become successful. 

You can choose our bespoke online 1-1 lessons or our small online group lessons. Both options allow students the opportunity to develop their knowledge, skills and confidence. 


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Reach out and be successful with Education Lifeguards!


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