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Education Lifeguards - Online English Tuition

* Fully Qualified Subject Specialist Teachers * Individual Learning Plans * Support for Additional Needs 

Fully Qualified Subject Specialist Teachers

Education Lifeguards offer bespoke one-one lessons and small group lessons with fully qualified teachers.

Individual Learning Plans

Every student is provided with an individualised learning plan that supports them with their needs. 

Support for Additional Needs

Our teachers are trained in supporting students with additional needs.

In 2018, Laura Harrison wanted to find a way to reach students who needed and wanted extra support with their English, maths and science skills. Laura is a fully qualified English teacher who has taught in the U.K., Middle East and South-East Asia. Laura is very experienced with a wide range of learning & teaching strategies and exam boards. She has a deep desire to make sure that students feel safe, secure, happy and confident so they can learn and develop the skills that they need to go on to the next stage of their academic career. Laura is a very friendly and supportive teacher whose priority is to make sure that people feel safe, secure and valued. 

The name Education Lifeguards is a metaphor showing that the company can support everyone with their educational needs. Education Lifeguards is an inclusive and supportive learning community that prioritise confidence and building skills using an amalgamation of lessons and revision sessions that help students believe in themselves so they can make more progress and reach their full potential. 

Laura's focus is to have a community that can connect and learn from all around the globe. Education Lifeguards deliver high-quality online lessons to students from all over the world! Education Lifeguards is fast becoming one of the most successful online learning providers because the students' needs are put first by educators that enjoy creating engaging and supportive lessons that get results. 

Laura's educational philosophy is very simple... those who feel valued will always make more progress. The importance of making sure people are given respect and treated well can not and should not be underrated. 

Laura also writes children's books and creates teaching and learning resources for students and teachers, reminding students that anyone can achieve anything if they have the support, guidance, tools and willpower to work and believe.   

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Homeschooled Students


Homeschooled students have fun learning!

Secondary Schooled Students

Secondary school students enjoy our online lessons.

International Secondary Students

Students from international schools love to learn with us. 

Confidence       Knowledge       Skills       Critical Thinking       Independence       Self-esteem

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