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Education Lifeguards - Online English Tuition

* Fully Qualified Subject Specialist Teachers * Individual Learning Plans * Support for Additional Needs 

Fully Qualified Subject Specialist Teachers

Education Lifeguards offer bespoke one-one lessons and small group lessons with fully qualified teachers.

Individual Learning Plans

Every student is provided with an individualised learning plan that supports them with their needs. 

Support for Additional Needs

Our teachers are trained in supporting students with additional needs.

Education Lifeguards deliver online English, maths and science lessons that support students with confidence, self-esteem, knowledge and developing their skills. We offer online learning groups for English that support each student with their English skills. We also offer one to one lessons for English, science and maths, which are personalised to the individual student's needs. Education Lifeguards is not just another tuition company; we are a learning community. Our community supports students from all backgrounds with their academic skills and gives them the confidence they need to believe in themselves and reach out for success. 

At Education Lifeguards, we don't just use revision books and worksheets, we use schemes of work. Each scheme of work uses a topic to engage the students and addresses a number of the assessment objectives that Ofqual stipulate all students need to develop in preparation for their GCSE exams. The schemes of work include: lesson objectives, activities (differentiated to suit a range of learners), progress checks, questioning, feedback opportunities, scaffolded learning sheets, model examples, mock questions and guided support from their teacher.

Homeschooled Students


Homeschooled students have fun learning!

Secondary Schooled Students

Secondary school students enjoy our online lessons.

International Secondary Students

Students from international schools love to learn with us. 

Confidence       Knowledge       Skills       Critical Thinking       Independence       Self-esteem

Education Lifeguards offer GCSE English, GCSE maths and GCSE science tuition.


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Resumé & Application Support

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